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Seaward Marine Cleans MV Frisia Bonn

Posted October 22, 2014
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward Marine Services Mobile Unit 4 got the call for an immediate need to clean the underwater hull of MV Frisia Bonn for Independent Container Lines of Wilmington, NC. Our customer said the ship was experiencing 20% “slippage” referring to efficiency lost in the thrust of the propeller. In the case of MV Frisia Bonn this was due to moderate marine growth on the hull and propeller causing more shaft turns required to make desired speed which dramatically increases the fuel consumption rate.
Independent Container Lines authorized the work on Wednesday 10/1 in the afternoon, the crew mobilized out of Norfolk VA on Thursday, and met the ship at the terminal 0700 on Friday 10/3 to begin dive operations. Despite diving in a hostile environment with a very swift non-stop current Seaward Mobile 4  crew pushed through continuously for 20 hours to get the hull cleaning complete and the ship underway as soon as possible. “Thanks very much for your quick response and hard work; I understand the conditions, at times, were less than favorable” said  Rob Frazier Sr. Director US Ports & Warehouse Operations Independent Container Line.


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