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Seaward Marine Services NDT Division Completes Eleven Hull Surveys using Lamp Ray® ROV

Posted October 31, 2014
Written by Cecil C. Achord
In September, Seaward Marine NDT Division completed its eleventh Lamp Ray hull survey within a five-month period ending an intense but rewarding effort by the division’s staff.  A few of these surveys can take as long as two weeks depending on the size of the unit being gauged, but all hulls were completed on time and on approved budget including a four ship run in August that began with the USNS CAPE RACE in Portsmouth VA and ended with three ships in San Diego CA.  The list included seven U.S. Navy warships, two Naval Reserve ships and the Display Ship BARRY.

After finishing three ships in May and early June Crowley Maritime requested a underwater hull cleaning, ABS inspection and hull survey services for the Ready Reserve Ship S.S. WRIGHT home ported in Baltimore M.D.  The Lamp Ray Crew transited back to Norfolk to complete a U.S. Navy asset then traveled to Washington D.C. to complete the Display Ship BARRY at the Washington Navy Yard (see July 8 posting). 

The NDT Division is scheduled to complete two more Lamp Ray hull surveys before the end of this year.



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