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Seaward Marine Divers Clean and Survey EX-USS Midway

Posted July 9, 2015
Written by Cecil C. Achord
As part of Seaward Marine Services, Inc.'s continuing contract with the MIDWAY Museum in San Diego, CA, divers completed an underwater hull cleaning using SCAMP, coating of bare metal areas on the underwater hull using HYCOTE underwater coatings, and a hull potential survey on the EX-USS MIDWAY (CV-41).  Divers then completed an inspection and documented the hull conditions for future planned maintenance.  This most recent maintenance period was completed in June 2015.

The full hull cleaning using Seaward's SCAMP multi-brush platform was performed in accordance with NAVSEA’s Naval Ships’ Technical Manual Chapter 081, Hull Cleaning Guidelines.  Afterward, bare metal areas were identified and the dive crew applied approximately 250 sq. ft. of HYCOTE underwater coating to the underwater hull, running gear, and seachest blank box attachment areas which required repair.  HYCOTE is a superior underwater coating approved by the U.S. NAVY for the preservation of bare metal areas in high humidity and underwater environments.  The underwater hull potential survey was done at the completion of the underwater coating of bare metal areas, and utilizes a handheld silver-chloride probe measures hull potential values or the ability of the underwater hull to protect itself from corrosion.  The survey documented an increase in hull potential values in the mid-ship and bow areas of the hull. This reporting allows the ship’s engineers to monitor and track both current and historical data for hull preservation.

Seaward Marine Services, Inc. is proud to be a part of the ongoing preservation program for EX-USS MIDWAY which started in January of 2010.



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