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Seaward Divers Complete Underwater Repair of Six ICCP Anodes on Navy Ship

Posted August 26, 2015
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Underwater Repairs of the Cathodic Protection system on a Navy ship were completed in August, with the waterborne replacement of six ICCP system anodes by Seaward’s Mobile Diving Crew 2 in Norfolk VA.  A Cathodic Protection system helps to slow and combat the electrochemical effects of corrosion to a ships underwater hull, a condition which is always present due to the variations in the chemistry of metal, both within the hull, and between dissimilar metals.

The repair work included not only replacing the external anodes, fasteners, and dielectric shielding material around the anodes, but also the components on the vessels interior. The faring material, which is traditionally a two part capastic material installed as a dielectric shield, could not be used in an underwater environment so Seaward Divers used the U.S. Navy NAVSEA approved Hycote 461 faring compound on the areas where the capastic had to be removed.  Hycote 461 fairing compound is the preferred method when installing CP anodes in-water.

 By doing this work waterborne a significant savings was afforded the Navy.  Additionally, Seaward personnel completed the project three days ahead of schedule and 18% under budget, giving our customer a substantial savings. The Project manager and Mobile 2’s crew showed great professionalism, and did an exceptional job ensuring the ships underwater hull and appendages were protected once again against all forms of corrosion.

Great Job!

Typical Damaged Anode

Typical New Anode Installed using Hycote 461

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