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Seaward Works Continuous Shifts To Support The USS John Warner

Posted September 1, 2017
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward Marine Services would like to give a big "Bravo Zulu" to two of its Norfolk based crews for the cleaning and maintenance work they've recently completed on the USS John Warner.  Working from Seaward’s Norfolk based dive boat, the Coastal Pride, work began on the USS John Warner on the 26th of August and continued with continuous 12 hours shifts until the morning of the 1st of September.  

First shift was supervised and managed by Bill Greenwood, with divers Mike Charles, Tim Russell, Nathanial Peterson, Mike Waters, Max Spruill, and Taylor Peterson.  Second shift was supervised and managed by Frank Sedlack, with divers Tara Carter, Richard Conners, Steve Steiniger, Matt Shaw, Preston Edwards, Kevin Kirschner, and Dave Bruce.  A job well done to all involved.

Nothing makes Seaward prouder than seeing this personal thank you from CDR Burt Canfield, Commanding Officer of the USS John Warner:

The text reads:
“Seaward Marine, thank you for your outstanding support of the USS John Warner. 
The crew of the ‘Sledgehammer of Freedom’ will be able to return to sea on time due to your hard work and dedication.

Thank you for your contribution to the Nation’s Defense!

Hoo yah, John Warner!
Hoo yah, Seaward Marine!

-Burt Canfield, CO SSN 785"


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