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Back to the Midway Museum For Cleaning and Inspection

Posted July 23, 2019
Written by Cecil C. Achord
In January 2010, Seaward Marine Services, LLC was contracted by the USS MIDWAY Museum in San Diego, CA to participate in an ongoing multi-year underwater hull preservation program for EX-USS MIDWAY (CV-41).  The latest tasking, as part of this program, was performed from April 8 – July 11, 2019, included a full hull cleaning, and partial hull potential survey.  A Cygnus 1 underwater digital thickness gauge was utilized to measure the hull plate thickness at selected areas of the underwater hull for future planned maintenance. All four stern tubes and shafts were sealed using rope, Splash Zone, and Hycote applications. This was accomplished to seal the interior spaces from water and mud intrusion. Work was accomplished by Seaward’s Dive Boat, Jaqueline II, and crew, with Diving Supervisor Micah Penman.

Seaward Marine Services, LLC would again like to thank the USS MIDWAY Museum for the outstanding support provided during this tasking. We trust that we have demonstrated the value and importance of maintaining the underwater hull and appendages by providing documentation reports, photos, and hull potential surveys. Going forward, we believe that by providing hull cleaning, underwater painting, and zinc anode replacement annually, the underwater hull cleaning will be more efficient and help to ensure USS MIDWAY Museum’s hull preservation for years to come.​



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