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Seaward Teams with Fairlead Boatworks to Assure Readiness of USNS Herschel Williams

Posted June 9, 2020
Written by Cecil C. Achord

In May 2020 Fairlead Boatworks awarded a firm fixed Purchase Order to Seaward Marine Services, LLC to perform an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Underwater Inspection In-Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD) on the USNS Herschel “Woody” Williams ESB-4 in Norfolk, VA. This requires the opening and internal inspection of all hinged sea chest gratings, which ensures the quality of internal components of each appendage. Conducting this inspection enables the USNS Herschel “Woody” Williams to remain within the required guidelines as per ABS (UWILD) and U.S. Coast Guard guidelines preventing the need for drydocking to obtain the required documentation. 

In conjunction with the Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) there was also a Visual Technical inspection (VTI) performed on the propellers. This inspection serves as a means of getting exact locations of any damage or defects on the edges and surfaces of all blades along with verifying proper hub data and potential damage or defects to it as well. 

Each of these inspections require the use of highly skilled and trained divers. Seaward Marine Services, LLC’s Norfolk, VA based dive crew Mobile 2 took on the task and performed with flawless results well within the given timeline and budget. 

Fairlead Boat Works
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