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Seaward Mobile 3 Completes a One Month Mobilization in Support of Multiple Customers

Posted September 30, 2020
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward Marine Services Mobile 3 has completed a one month mobilization in support of Tote Services, SubCom, General Dynamics Electric Boat, U.S. Navy, and Woods Hole Group.

TOTE Services contracted Seaward, through a competitive bid process, to provide diving services in support of SS DENEBOLA Turbo Activation.

SS Denebola at Terminal Berth Baltimore, MD

Seaward Marine Services Mobile 3 dive team was mobilized from Norfolk to Baltimore in support of the no-notice exercise - called a "Turbo Activation" – which gives the fleet's civilian management contractors and crews five days to make their ships ready to sail. The Scope of Work included cleaning and inspection of the two 5-bladed 23-foot diameter propellers, rudders, auxiliary sea chest suctions, main circulating pump suctions, main scoop injection inlets, and inspection of the underwater hull. Three cofferdams were installed over the main circulating pump suction inlets in support of inside repairs.
Work was completed August 6-13, 2020, on time and within budget estimates.
In conjunction with supporting the SS Denebola turbo-activation, Seaward Mobile 3 completed a full cleaning of the cable laying support ship Global Sentinel for SUBCOM, Inc

Cable Ship Global Sentinel

Global Sentinel scope of work included cleaning the LOA 145M, Beam 22M underwater hull and appendages: two tunnel thrusters forward, two Azimuth thrusters aft along and a fixed pitch center line propeller with rudder.  The vessel was berthed at. Work was completed August 12, 14, and 15 at the vessel SUBCOM facility berth in Baltimore, MD.
After completion of work on SS Denebola and Cable Ship Global Sentinel, Seaward Mobile 3 made the transit to Groton CT to support an underwater hull cleaning and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Underwater Inspection In-Lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD) for General Dynamics Electric Boat on the Dry Cargo Deck Barge Sea Shuttle with the ABS Surveyor in attendance.

Electric Boat Dry Cargo Deck Barge Sea Shuttle

Sea Shuttle scope of work included cleaning of the barge hull, sea chest gratings, sea chest interiors, and video inspection with as directed by the ABS surveyor in attendance. Work was completed on schedule August 20-21 and below the budget estimate.
Mobile 3 shifted over to Naval Submarine Base New London for a hull cleaning in support of Seaward Marine Services U.S. Navy Worldwide Underwater Hull Cleaning Contract.

Seaward Mobile 3 at Naval Station Norfolk, VA

Prior to a long-awaited return to their homes and families in Norfolk, VA, Seaward Mobile 3 completed a cleaning and inspection of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Groton Thames River Tide and Current Meter Station for Woods Hole Group.
The 35-day mobilization starting in Norfolk with two stops in Baltimore, two stops in Groton, and return to Norfolk covered 1,325 miles and provided high quality diving services to four valued Seaward commercial customers and the U.S. Navy.
Very well done Seaward Mobile 3!

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