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Seaward Supports Two Pacific Gulf Marine MARAD USNS Turbo-Activations

Posted October 14, 2020
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Pacific Gulf Marine contracted Seaward Marine Services to provide diving services in support of two separate MARAD USNS Turbo-Activations in Newport News Virginia.

SS Gopher State

Ready Reserve Ships SS Gopher State and SS Cornhusker State were turbo activated by the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) August 26, 2020. Seaward Marine Services mobilized Dive Vessel Coastal Pride to complete the underwater hull cleanings of SS Gopher State Sept 3-5 and Cornhusker State September 8-10. Scope of work included multi-brush (SCAMP) cleaning of the vessel's sides, sea chest gratings, propellers, rudders, and appendages. 

Seaward Dive Vessel Coastal Pride

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