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Pacific Gulf Marine Awards Seaward Marine Services Norfolk Layup Of SS Flickertail State

Posted September 2, 2021
Written by Cecil C. Achord

Pacific Gulf Marine, Inc. awarded Seaward Marine Services, LLC Norfolk a firm fixed contract to provide all diving services necessary to prepare the SS Flickertail State (T-AKS 5) vessel hull, stern tube, sea chests, and overboards, for long-term lay-up at the James River Reserve Fleet. Work was completed by Seawards Diving Vessel Coastal Pride team at Newport News Virginia Marine Terminal.

Seaward Marine Services, LLC provided diving services in support of cleaning and inspection of the underwater hull, external hull blanking of all sea chest gratings and overboards. Seaward Marine Services designed, fabricated, and installed an external stern tube seal to remain in place during layup. All deck scuppers were cleared and proven clear for layup. Seaward NDT Department provided interior ultrasonic gauging of all sea valve spool pieces and sea chests and underwater ultrasonic testing of a hull breach discovered during cleaning. Seaward established a repair procedure and accomplished subsequent wet welding of a doubler plate to seal the breach. All work was accomplished safely, within the project budget, and timeline between June 15-July 7, 2021 with a two-day return August 12-13 to install final sea chest blanks after ship force system related work was complete. Coastal Pride Dive Team accumulated 1,180 hours of safe dive ops in support of this effort.


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