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City of Norfolk Awards Seaward the Underwater Husbandry Contract For The Battleship Wisconsin

The City of Norfolk has awarded Seaward Marine Services, LLC a five year contract to provide underwater inspection, maintenance, and repair on the Battleship Wisconsin. This is the second 5-year Battleship Wisconsin underwater ship husbandry contract the City of Norfolk has awarded to Seaward through a competitive bid process.

Seaward Marine Services Dive Vessel Coastal Pride Moored Alongside Battleship Wisconsin

This contract is key to the City of Norfolk long-term maintenance and restoration plan that includes appropriate testing and inspection of the ship hull. The purpose of this project is to ensure the watertight integrity of the ship’s hull and to conduct such maintenance as will permit deferral of the requirement for dry-docking as long as possible. The scope of work includes twice annual hull inspections, cleaning and maintenance of the Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System, conducting cleanings and full inspections of all existing sea chest box blanks and stern tube seals, and when necessary clean the underwater hull in preparation for ultra-sonic testing. The period of performance is from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2026.

Posted on: 19/Apr/2022

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward, MHI, and Accurate Marine Team To Win USNS Kocak Class Lay Ups for Crowley

Crowley Government Services, Inc. awarded Seaward Marine Services, LLC Norfolk a firm fixed contract for Diving Services to support multi-ship non-retention lay up of USNS Kocak, USNS Obregon, and USNS Pless. The work package includes removal of all skin valves including installation of cofferdams to support the removal of the thirty overboard hull penetration openings for the installation of steel blanks. The contract also required conducting an underwater hull inspection and cleaning of the underwater hull and appendages. Work is scheduled to be completed by Seawards Diving Vessel Coastal Pride at Lamberts Point Docks during three separate January 15, through September, 2022 availabilities.

Seaward Marine Services, LLC will provide diving services in support of cleaning and inspection of the underwater hull propeller, rudder, depth sounding fathometer, doppler speed log, sea chest gratings, opening of bow thruster gratings, and video inspection of the underwater hull and appendages. Seaward Marine Services designed, fabricated, and installed external stern tube seals to remain in place during layup. Seaward and provided diving services for the installation and monitoring of cofferdams sealing all external shell hull penetration openings in support of internal blanking of all skin valves completed by Marine Hydraulics International and ultrasonic testing of each hull penetration and spool pieces inside the vessel performed Seaward Marine Services NDT Personnel. Dewatering and pumping of all excess water and holding tank was accomplished by Accurate Marine Environmental. 


Posted on: 21/Mar/2022

Cecil C. Achord

East Coast Repair and Fabrication Awards USNS Grumman Diving To Seaward Norfolk

East Coast Repair and Fabrication contracted Seaward Marine Services to provide diving services in support of USNS Leroy Grumman at the River Port Terminal in Newport News, VA. Work was completed February 22-23, 2022 on budget and under the allotted timeline.

USS SIAPAN (LHA 2) (right) conducts underway replenishment with USNS LEROY GRUMMAN (T-AO 195)

Seaward Marine Services utilized Mobile 3 in Norfolk Virginia to complete the underwater work which included a video inspection of the underwater hull, and cleaning and inspection of the propellers, rudders, sea chest gratings, transducers, and appendages.

Posted on: 21/Mar/2022

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Awarded UWILD of USNS Gilliland for ABS

Ocean Ships, Inc. has awarded Seaward Marine Services, LLC Norfolk, VA a firm fixed Purchase Order to provide a waterborne underwater hull cleaning and survey on USNS Gilliland (T-AKR 298). Period of performance was January 17-25, 2022 at Talton Terminal Berth in Baltimore, MD


The underwater hull survey was completed using the Lamp Ray Remote Operated Survey Vehicle. Seaward's Lamp Ray® ROV is a portable underwater robotic hull scanner integrated with a topside data acquisition system and controller. It performs a comprehensive hull material condition survey using sensors for ultrasonic testing, dry film thickness, and cathodic potential. 
The LampRay is recognized by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for Hull Gauging.
The service recognition is for thickness measurement of hull structure on non-ESP/ESDC vessels. 
1) by use of diver in the water with the handheld ultrasonic thickness measuring machine or Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) based Lamp Ray® Survey (controlled by the authorized personnel) to conduct the thickness measurement in the water. 
2) normal ultrasonic hull thickness. 

Hull Cleaning and LampRay Hull Survey were completed within the project timeline and budget by Seaward Mobile Dive Unit 2 and LampRay Underwater Hull Survey Team out of Norfolk, VA

Posted on: 14/Mar/2022

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Services Celebrates 50 Years


On February 29, 1972, Ed Wardwell, Gene Daly, Bob Kutzleb, and Bill Searle founded Seaward, Inc. Seaward began as a deep-sea search and recovery (S&R) company and was quickly involved in many pioneering S&R operations, many associated with the Vietnam war effort. The founders proceeded to diversify the company to add manufacturing of large marine fendering and pollution control equipment and systems, as well as an ordnance clearance division, and eventually underwater ship husbandry/hull cleaning services. Ed Wardwell’s words of advice to new managers was, “Tell the truth and have fun!”

From those humble beginnings, Seaward Marine Services has grown and prospered over the past 50 years and has become the recognized leader in Underwater Hull Cleaning. In 2019, Seaward passed the milestone of over 300 million square feet of US Navy hulls cleaned under our U.S. Navy Worldwide Underwater Hull Cleaning contract with U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA 00C5). In August of 2021 Seaward Marine Services was awarded a Worldwide Underwater Hull Cleaning Contract for Military Sealift Command (MSC).


​Today, WE all stand on the shoulders of our founders and many others who helped make Seaward what it is today.  

Happy Birthday Seaward!  Here’s to many, many more!!!


Posted on: 01/Mar/2022

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Returns to Arthur Kill Power Station for 2021 Underwater Repairs in the Discharge Tunnel

Seaward Marine Services, LLC mobilized from Norfolk Virginia to Arthur Kill Power Station in Staten Island New York to conduct underwater repairs to the concrete discharge tunnel damage discovered during previous 2017 and 2021 underwater inspections.

The 350-foot-long discharge tunnel walls were cleaned of marine growth prior to repairs utilizing Seawards Submersible Cleaning and Maintenance Platform (SCAMP) to allow identification of damaged areas, proper surface preparation, and execution of the repair plan. Repairs performed on the underwater portions of the North, East, and West walls of the discharge tunnel and support columns included areas of concrete spalling, cracks, and exposed reinforcement bar. All loose concrete material was removed from areas of spalled concrete by use of pneumatic and hydraulic powered chipping hammers. Exposed areas of reinforcement bar with corrosion were surface prepped using underwater grit blasting process prior to coating with Hycote 461 underwater fairing compound and capped with Splash Zone Underwater Epoxy Compound. There were old steel seal plates installed over some voids that had large areas of bare meatal with corrosion and pitting which were surface prepped and coated with Hycote 151 and 461.

Work was completed by Seaward Marine Services Mobile Diving Unit 2 from October 1 through 8, 2021.


Posted on: 15/Nov/2021

Cecil C. Achord

American Bureau Of Shipping Certifies Seaward Marine Services, LLC

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has certified Seaward Marine Services, LLC, a Titan company, as recognized service supplier in the field of Hull Gauging.

Seaward Marine Services, LLC was audited by the local ABS senior surveyor to ensure all measures of job performance were performed satisfactorily. The ABS regulations regarding company approval did not differentiate between underwater hull gauging and topside internal dry gauging. Also, there were no preexisting standards for hull gauging by a ROV (remote operated vehicle). This presented a challenge for ABS to certify Seaward. In the end it was necessary for Seaward to be able to perform hull gauging dry internally, as well as underwater with divers and underwater with a ROV. All three processes were able to meet the requirements by ABS and Seaward was certified as the very first company to be certified to perform hull gauging underwater by a diver and with ROV. Seaward would like to thank Moran Towing for use of one of their tugboats as the test and demonstration vessel.


Posted on: 13/Sep/2021

Cecil C. Achord

Pacific Gulf Marine Awards Seaward Marine Services Norfolk Layup Of SS Flickertail State

Pacific Gulf Marine, Inc. awarded Seaward Marine Services, LLC Norfolk a firm fixed contract to provide all diving services necessary to prepare the SS Flickertail State (T-AKS 5) vessel hull, stern tube, sea chests, and overboards, for long-term lay-up at the James River Reserve Fleet. Work was completed by Seawards Diving Vessel Coastal Pride team at Newport News Virginia Marine Terminal.

Seaward Marine Services, LLC provided diving services in support of cleaning and inspection of the underwater hull, external hull blanking of all sea chest gratings and overboards. Seaward Marine Services designed, fabricated, and installed an external stern tube seal to remain in place during layup. All deck scuppers were cleared and proven clear for layup. Seaward NDT Department provided interior ultrasonic gauging of all sea valve spool pieces and sea chests and underwater ultrasonic testing of a hull breach discovered during cleaning. Seaward established a repair procedure and accomplished subsequent wet welding of a doubler plate to seal the breach. All work was accomplished safely, within the project budget, and timeline between June 15-July 7, 2021 with a two-day return August 12-13 to install final sea chest blanks after ship force system related work was complete. Coastal Pride Dive Team accumulated 1,180 hours of safe dive ops in support of this effort.


Posted on: 02/Sep/2021

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Awarded 5 Year Underwater Hull Cleaning Contract With Military Sealift Command

The Military Sealift Command, Norfolk, Virginia has awarded Seaward Marine Services, LLC, a Titan company, a firm-fixed-price, Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity contract for underwater hull cleaning services and associated work for the Military Sealift Command’s fleet of ships worldwide.  This contract includes five one-year ordering periods that would bring the cumulative value of the contract ceiling to $24,090,612.
Greg Lee, President of Seaward Marine Services, LLC. stated “Seaward is very pleased that we have been awarded this opportunity.  We look forward to working with the Military Sealift Command staff to provide the quality work and performance that Seaward is known for worldwide.”



Posted on: 06/Aug/2021

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Returns to Arthur Kill Power Station for 2021 Underwater Cleaning, Inspection, and Repairs

Seaward Marine Services mobilized a seven-person dive team and support equipment from Norfolk, VA on January 31, 2021 to provide diving services at Arthur Kill Power Station in Staten Island, NY in support of underwater cleaning, inspection, and repair items identified in the intake bays and discharge tunnel from previous 2017 and 2020 underwater inspections. Period of performance was February 3-28, 2021. Seaward Mobile Diving Unit 2 received the task.

​Arthur Kill Power Station, Staten Island NY

After a standby day on February 1 due to a local heavy snow storm, work commenced February 2 with equipment setup and lock out/tag out of Unit 30. Unit 20 remained operational during diving operations in Unit 30. Underwater cleaning and de-mucking of Unit 30 circulating bays 31 and 32 and traveling screen bays 31, 32, 33, and 34 was accomplished February 3-8, 2021. All mud, silt, trash, and marine growth was pumped from the intake structure floor to a settling tank where solids were separated from the de-mucking discharge stream for offsite disposal. Clean sea water from the discharge stream was returned to the Arthur Kill Waterway.
February 9, 2021 was a setup day for work in the discharge tunnel. Lock out/tag out was accomplished on Unit 20 to allow satisfactory conditions for diving operations in the discharge tunnel. Diving on the discharge side commenced on February 10, 2021. The outage timeline only allotted 10 days of diving operations to accomplish a large scope of work in the discharge tunnel. Seaward responded by mobilizing a second seven-person dive team, Seaward Mobile Diving Unit 4, to accelerate completion of the project scope by working two twelve-hour shifts. Discharge tunnel walls and floor were cleaned and de-mucked. All debris and rubble identified in previous inspection reports were removed and placed in a dumpster for offsite disposal. Repair areas were surveyed and marked for identification. Concrete repairs inside the tunnel were scheduled for October 2021.
Diving operations were secured in the discharge tunnel on Friday February 19, 2021. Seaward dive team removed equipment from the discharge tunnel and relocated to Unit 20 February 20-21. Lock out/tag out of Unit 20 was completed on February 22 and cleaning of Unit commenced in the afternoon. Underwater cleaning and de-mucking of Unit 20 circulating bays 21 and 22 and traveling screen bays 21, 22, 23, and 24 was accomplished February 22-27, 2021. All mud, silt, trash, and marine growth was pumped from the intake structure floor to a settling tank where solids were separated from the de-mucking discharge stream for offsite disposal. Treated sea water from the discharge stream was returned to the Arthur Kill Waterway.
           Seaward Marine Services Mobile 2                                                           SCAMP Machine Deployed for Tunnel Cleaning
Diving operations secured at close of business February 27, 2021. Lock out/Tag out was cleared and equipment was packed up for transit February 28, 2021. Demobilization to Norfolk was March 1, 2021. Seaward Marine Services logged 1,564 hours of accident-free diving through the duration of the evolution. Support from the AKPS Maintenance Manager and Staff was outstanding.
Seaward Around the Clock Dive Ops                                                              Diver Dress and Pre Dive Checks       


Posted on: 01/Jun/2021

Cecil C. Achord

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