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Seaward Marine Services Goes Back to School

For two weeks starting May18th 2020, Seaward Mob 2 and the Lampray crew returned to the Maine Maritime academy. Seaward has been performing ABS UWILD and Lampray hull surveys for the TS State of Maine since 2000. This was the fourth time assisting them in keeping the training ship clean, inspected, and certified for the academy students’ cruises. Mob 2 performed a full hull cleaning as well as replaced numerous zincs, inspected sea chests, removed lines fouling the propeller. Under supervision of the local ABS surveyor and Coast Guard representatives, they completed all the items necessary to satisfy ABS (UWILD) as well as the Coast Guard requirements. The Lampray Crew performed their fourth hull survey on the vessel as well as completing ultrasonic thickness inspections of the sea chests. All tasked were completed safely and on schedule.


Maine Maritime Academy
American Bureau of Shipping
Seaward Lampray

Posted on: 17/Jun/2020

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Teams with Fairlead Boatworks to Assure Readiness of USNS Herschel Williams

In May 2020 Fairlead Boatworks awarded a firm fixed Purchase Order to Seaward Marine Services, LLC to perform an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Underwater Inspection In-Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD) on the USNS Herschel “Woody” Williams ESB-4 in Norfolk, VA. This requires the opening and internal inspection of all hinged sea chest gratings, which ensures the quality of internal components of each appendage. Conducting this inspection enables the USNS Herschel “Woody” Williams to remain within the required guidelines as per ABS (UWILD) and U.S. Coast Guard guidelines preventing the need for drydocking to obtain the required documentation. 

In conjunction with the Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) there was also a Visual Technical inspection (VTI) performed on the propellers. This inspection serves as a means of getting exact locations of any damage or defects on the edges and surfaces of all blades along with verifying proper hub data and potential damage or defects to it as well. 

Each of these inspections require the use of highly skilled and trained divers. Seaward Marine Services, LLC’s Norfolk, VA based dive crew Mobile 2 took on the task and performed with flawless results well within the given timeline and budget. 

Fairlead Boat Works
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Underwater Inspection In-Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD)
Visual Technical inspection (VTI)

Posted on: 09/Jun/2020

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Services The “Big Wisky”

The city of Norfolk, National Maritime Center, Nauticus, contracted Seaward Marine Services to provide diving services in support of ongoing Battleship Wisconsin Underwater Ship Husbandry multi-year maintenance contract.  This year Seaward performed multiple tasks including hull cleaning to facilitate underwater painting and a comprehensive underwater hull condition survey. The dive vessel Coastal Pride provided divers the platform to complete the hull cleaning. Hull cleaning was completed to prepare the hull for an extensive ROV based condition assessment. The “Lamp ray” ROV is a hull crawling robot that measures metal and coating thickness.

As part of an ongoing long-term hull preservation plan, the Oct 2019 the multi week project was completed safely and as scheduled. Results from this survey will be compared to the previous baseline survey completed in 2012 and subsequent periodic surveys will provide trending data on the ship hull condition for years to come. 


Posted on: 28/Jan/2020

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Services Supports U.S. Marine Management Inc. USNS Mendonca - Short Fuse Activation

U.S. Marine Management Inc contracted Seaward Marine Services to provide diving services in support of USNS Mendonca short fuse activation. 

This one-day notice event required Seaward Mobile-4 Dive Team to clean propellers, rudders, sea chest gratings, and inspect the underwater hull, bow thruster, and appendages in a 16-hour availability for immediate underway preparations. The entire scope of work was completed on time on within the budget. 

Posted on: 04/Nov/2019

Cecil C. Achord

Mid Atlantic Engineering Technical Services Awards USNS Apache Diving To Seaward Norfolk

Mid Atlantic Engineering Technical Services (MAETS) contracted Seaward Marine Services to provide diving services in support of USNS Apache T-ATF 172 at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story VA. Work was completed September 16-17, 2019 on budget and under the allotted timeline.

Due to the lack of pier space Seaward Marine Services mobilized Dive Vessel Coastal Pride in Norfolk Virginia to complete the underwater work which including cleaning and inspection of propellers, rudders, bow thrusters, sea chest gratings, transducers, and appendages. The scope of work also included conducting Visual Technical Inspections (VTI) on port and starboard propellers in accordance with Naval Ships Technical Manual (NSTM) Chapter 245, Propellers and Propulsors. NSTM CH 245 requires detailed technical propeller inspections are to be done by NAVSEA trained and certified propeller inspectors. Seaward Marine Services Norfolk currently has 18 qualified propeller inspector divers to augment their mobile dive teams.


Posted on: 25/Oct/2019

Cecil C. Achord

Turbo Kings – Seaward Participates In Large Scale Test Of U.S. Sealift Fleet

The no-notice exercise started for Seaward Marine Services in Norfolk VA at 1615 hours on Monday September 16, 2019 with a phone call from a Keystone Shipping Company Port Engineer. “We were just notified four of our Charleston assets have been turbo activated. Can Seaward support all four hull cleanings in a two-day availability?” During the Keystone call another one is received from the Ready Reserve Force Program Manager for Pacific-Gulf Marine. His voicemail stated “we have two Newport News assets that have been turbo activated, can Seaward provide support?” The scramble begins. Seaward Operations Manager David Spruill immediately calls Navy Reps in Mayport FL and Norfolk VA. “Can we put a few USN scheduled ships on standby for a couple days this week to support an emergent MARAD event?” “We will make up the lost time over the weekend.” Then a call goes out to Diving Supervisor Mander (Butch) Adkins Seaward Mobile Unit 1 in Mayport FL. “We need your team to mobilize to Charleston tomorrow morning in support of MV Cape Douglas and MV Cape Decision turbo activation. Another call to Diving Supervisor Vernon “Dean” Womack Seaward Mobile Unit 4. “Change of plans, we need your team to mobilize to Charleston tomorrow in support of MV Cape Edmont and MV Cape Ducato turbo activations.” Finally, a call to Diving Supervisor William “Bill” Greenwood Seaward Dive Vessel Coastal Pride. “We need you to defer your team to Newport News Terminal in support of SS Cornhusker State and SS Gopher State turbo activations.” Supervisors start making calls to dive team members, reservations for lodging, load out and logistic plans are finalized. By the time Tuesday morning news reported “Pentagon Orders Large Scale Test of U.S. Sealift Fleet”, Seaward Marine Services Norfolk Operations is moving eight dive team members with 30 tons of equipment north to Charleston from Mayport. Another eight-member dive team with 30 tons of equipment are heading south to Charleston from Norfolk and the 59 ft long by 20 ft wide 96-ton Dive Vessel Coastal Pride with their eight-member team is rumbling across the James River heading to Newport News from Norfolk Naval Station.

Then the real work began. Seaward Marine Services dive teams worked up to 16-hour days to make sure the U.S Sealift fleet and Ready Reserve Force ships underwater hulls, propellers, rudders, sea chest gratings, thrusters, and appendages are cleaned and inspected in two-day availabilities prior to accelerated dock and sea trials. It was a massive undertaking. As it turns out, turbo activations that are designed to test the readiness of Military Sealift Command and Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force is also one heck of an exercise for Seaward Marine Services dive teams. Nothing tests our capabilities, equipment, management, supervisory, and diver personnel commitment and dedication to task better than a good turbo activation. This Pentagon ordered exercise was a 28-ship turbo activation. There are no other dive companies in the world capable of managing and executing accelerated multi tasked high-quality diving operations at several locations simultaneously like Seaward Marine Services. That’s why Seaward Marine Services has become the undisputed Turbo King of diving for civilian managed U.S Military Sealift Command and Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Forces. Bravo Zulu Seaward Divers! Well done indeed. Thank you for the outstanding representation. You are truly the best diving organization in the world!



Posted on: 04/Oct/2019

Cecil C. Achord

Thank You To All That Attended HNSA 2019!

Seaward Marine Services would like to thank the Historic Naval Ships Association for having us at their annual conference which was held this year in Manitowoc, WI and the Wisconsin Maritime Museum for hosting the event.  We'd like to thank all those who came by our booth this year, and hope that more museum ships will begin to utilize and count on our services the way our current museum ship customers have. Thanks again, and always looking forward to doing what we can to help you preserve naval history.


Manning the booth in Manitowoc - From Left to Right:  Kevin Morero, West Coast Operations Manager - Cecil C. Achord, Director of IT & Marketing



Posted on: 23/Sep/2019

Cecil C. Achord

Thank You To All That Attended FMMS 2019!

Seaward Marine Services would like to thank the American Society of Naval Engineers for putting on the Fleet Maintenance and Modernization Symposium in San Diego, CA and the San Diego Convention Center for hosting the event.  Most of all, we'd like to thank all those who came by our booth this year.  A big thank you to the port engineers for all the kind words in appreciation of what we do. Looking forward to the next show.

Manning the booth in San Diego - From Left to Right:  Cecil C. Achord, Director of IT & Marketing - Kevin Morero, West Coast Operations Manager


Posted on: 09/Aug/2019

Cecil C. Achord

Back to the Midway Museum For Cleaning and Inspection

In January 2010, Seaward Marine Services, LLC was contracted by the USS MIDWAY Museum in San Diego, CA to participate in an ongoing multi-year underwater hull preservation program for EX-USS MIDWAY (CV-41).  The latest tasking, as part of this program, was performed from April 8 – July 11, 2019, included a full hull cleaning, and partial hull potential survey.  A Cygnus 1 underwater digital thickness gauge was utilized to measure the hull plate thickness at selected areas of the underwater hull for future planned maintenance. All four stern tubes and shafts were sealed using rope, Splash Zone, and Hycote applications. This was accomplished to seal the interior spaces from water and mud intrusion. Work was accomplished by Seaward’s Dive Boat, Jaqueline II, and crew, with Diving Supervisor Micah Penman.

Seaward Marine Services, LLC would again like to thank the USS MIDWAY Museum for the outstanding support provided during this tasking. We trust that we have demonstrated the value and importance of maintaining the underwater hull and appendages by providing documentation reports, photos, and hull potential surveys. Going forward, we believe that by providing hull cleaning, underwater painting, and zinc anode replacement annually, the underwater hull cleaning will be more efficient and help to ensure USS MIDWAY Museum’s hull preservation for years to come.​



Posted on: 23/Jul/2019

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Supports Two Additional Keystone Shipping MARAD USNS Turbo-Activations

Keystone Shipping Company contracted Seaward Marine Services to provide diving services in support of two separate MARAD USNS Turbo-Activations is Charleston, SC. Turbo- Activations are no-notice readiness exercises for the prepositioned ships to get the vessels tested and underway within 96 hours.

USNS Cape Domingo and USNS Cape Decision were turbo activated July 10-11. Seaward Marine Services mobilized a team homebased in Norfolk Virginia to complete the underwater hull cleanings including propellers, rudders, bow thrusters, stern thrusters, sea chest gratings, transducers, and appendages. 

Posted on: 23/Jul/2019

Cecil C. Achord

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