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Seaward honors nine for 30+ years of service

Seaward has recently honored nine of its members for 30+ years of service. All of these men have functioned in the capacity as a diver, supervisor, project manager, and/or general manager in the past 30 years. To Tom Meshot (VP of Pacific Operations), Tom Orsag, Glen Tchelistcheff, John Martin, Ken Myers, Claude Blemmer, Stan Zielezinski, Mickey Bisese, and Anthony “Tony” Bird, thank you for your continuing service to our company and to our customers. 

Posted on: 25/Sep/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Diver Official Guinness World Record Holder

Congratulations to Seaward Marine Services Guinness Book of World Records holder Noel McCully for extending his record to 25,000 hours in a diving helmet. Noel first certified the record in 2008 with 20,524 hours in a diving helmet.  Link to article at from 2008

Noel a native to Hawaii graduated from the University of Hawaii then decided to enter the world of diving by graduating from the commercial diving center, now the National University Polytechnic Institute, in 1976. During his 29 year career at Seaward Marine Services Noel has worked on all three coasts as well as Europe, the Caribbean, and regions in the Pacific servicing the US Navy. 


McCully tending to a diver early in his career at Seaward

Noel posing for news interview about Guinness World Record

Posted on: 25/Sep/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Sends Live Video Feed of Rudder Inspection

During an underwater inspection of USS NICHOLAS (FFG-47) Seaward Marine Mob-5 divers reported rudder clearance measurements inconsistent with design specifications. After contacting Navy engineers it was decided that a more extensive (Level III) inspection was needed.

Seaward's IT Director Cecil C. Achord quickly established a live audio/video web feed from the dive station to the NAVSEA program manager in Washington D.C. to observe and direct the underwater inspection and assess the condition of the rudder stock hull seal, rudder, and rudder stock retaining nut for signs of a dropping rudder. 

By quickly establishing the live web feed NAVSEA personnel did not have to mobilize to Norfolk, VA to monitor and accept the inspection results, and allowed NICHOLAS to meet a mission critical departure time. Thanks to all who participated in this combined effort.

Article on 

Posted on: 15/Sep/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward divers start phase two of Battleship Wisconsin repair services contract

Phase two of the underwater repair services contract got underway this week on the Battleship WISCONSIN. Divers will continue with preservation of the sea-chest blank attachments in accordance with NAVSEA requirements as planned by the city of Norfolk and Seaward Marine Services. Completion of preservation repairs is scheduled to conclude by mid-August.

Posted on: 17/Jul/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Divers prepare Naval Air sea plane ramp for Breezy Point Triathlon

It’s that time again, Seaward Divers will take time out of their Friday evening to prepare the Naval Air sea plane ramp for Breezy Point competitors. For over a decade Seaward has supported the Breezy Point Triathlon by cleaning the sea plane ramp at Naval Air Station Norfolk where athletes enter for the 750 meter open water swim. Seaward employees wish all athletes good luck in competing in the 2013 Breezy Point Triathlon.

Posted on: 30/May/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward divers start phase one of Battleship Wisconsin repair services contract

As part of getting Battleship Wisconsin “ship-shape” Seaward divers start phase one of the ongoing repair services contract. This phase includes restoration of the 12 ICCP anodes and preservation of up to 50 of the 164 sea-chest blank attachments. All repairs will be completed in accordance with U.S. Navy, NAVSEA requirements. Phase two is proposed to start in mid-July.

Posted on: 30/May/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Battleship Wisconsin Hull cleaning featured on Norfolk News Now

Seaward Marine Services Hull cleaning of the Museum Ship Battleship Wisconsin was featured on the April 2013 edition of Norfolk News Now, which airs on Norfolk's Neighborhood Network(Hampton Roads Cox Communications Channel 48), and online via the NorfolkTV Youtube channel. 

Here's the embed of that episode from their official Youtube channel(video will start at the segment which we are featured): 

The Museum Ship Battleship Wisconsin site at 


Posted on: 04/Apr/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Awarded Contract for the Museum Ship Battleship Wisconsin

Norfolk, VA- The City of Norfolk awarded Seaward Marine Services, Inc. it's underwater ship husbandry services contract for the Museum ship Battleship Wisconsin on January 15, 2013. 

Responsibilities will include an underwater survey and cleaning of the hull, miscellaneous hull plate repair, documentation of hull and paint thickness, hull potential readings, and video. Many of these requirements will be completed using the Lamp-Ray ROV system. 

The work will commence in March and should be complete no later than June 2013. 

The Museum Ship Battleship Wisconsin site at

Posted on: 15/Jan/2013

Cecil C. Achord

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