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Patriot Contract Services Awards Contracts for USNS GILLILAND and GORDON

Patriot Contract Services awarded Seaward Marine Services hull inspection and propeller cleaning contracts for USNS Gilliland and USNS Gordon in Baltimore MD.  Seaward divers mobilized in early July to complete work on the two Gordon-class roll-on roll-off ships.  Seaward Marine Services tasking includes cleaning and polish the propellers and bow thruster, perform underwater inspections and cleaning of all sea chests, rudders, shafting, struts, bearing housings, ICCP anodes and reference cells, and appendages according to UWSHM chapter 28 chapter 17 and Navy technical manual Chapter 81.

Upon inspection and cleaning of sea chest suctions Seaward divers completed additional tasking which included the replacement of sea chest grating fasteners.  All work was completed on time and within contract pricing.


Seaward Mobile Three working alongside USNS Gilliland

USNS Gilliland and USNS Gordon

Posted on: 01/Jul/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Mobilizes Fly-Away Equipment Suite to Diego Garcia

In order to fulfill US Navy contract requirements Seaward Marine Services was called upon to mobilize the Flyaway diving suite.  Designed on an aircraft shipping freight container platform, Seaward personnel designed and built-out the containers to accommodate long term all weather diving operations that can be air freighted wherever needed.  The mobilization suite allows for 1300 Cu Ft of working and storage space along with the safety redundancies needed to complete shallow water diving operations.  The equipment suite along with the SCAMP multi-brush cleaning platform was shipped out in June to complete underwater services in Diego Garcia in support of Seawards US Navy contract. 

Mobilization suite readied for shipment to Diego Garcia

Mobilization suite conducting hull cleaning at Naval Base Jubail, Saudi Arabia


Posted on: 11/Jun/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Completes Diving Services and Lamp Ray Hull Survey on SS WRIGHT for Crowley Maritime

Crowley maritime requested Seaward Marine Services to perform an underwater hull cleaning that included using the SCAMP multi-brush platform and a propeller cleaning and polishing.  Seaward divers then completed an underwater inspection of the hull to ABS regulations.  Upon completion of diving services, Seaward Marine Services NDT division started the comprehensive hull material survey using the Lamp Ray ROV system.

LAMP RAY is a robotic scanning system that gives a complete picture of the ships underwater hull condition including hull plate thickness, paint dry film thickness, and cathodic hull potential.  The ROV’s location is tracked and all data is viewed real time allowing NDT technicians to record data in a manner that is easy to read thus giving a ships manager the ability to identify potential problems that could be planned for and addressed.

 Seaward Marine personnel mobilized to Baltimore MD and all work was completed, and reports distributed within the specified period of performance. 



Posted on: 10/Jun/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Divers Travel to Aker Philadelphia Shipyard to Clean, Inspect and Hycote

Seaward Marine Services divers traveled to Aker Philadelphia Shipyard to perform an underwater hull inspection that included internal inspections of the sea gratings and surface preparation and application of HYCOTE 151 underwater paint system to hull 019, MV Liberty Bay.

Divers completed internal inspections of the main cooling sea chests along with inspection of the bow thruster, bilge keels, propeller, and rudder.  During inspection of the underwater hull, divers located then prepared bare metal areas for the application of HYCOTE 151 underwater paint a unique 2-part epoxy coating that is specifically designed to be applied in wet environments.

Seaward Marine Services has applied over 200,000 square feet of HYCOTE products; HYCOTE u/w paint expels water from between the coating and the substrate that ensures an excellent adhesion.  HYCOTE products can be applied to cathodic shielding material, heavily pitted surfaces, and splash-zone areas. 

Seaward Divers on station at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard


Posted on: 24/Apr/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Divers Complete Final Stop-Log Seal Plate Replacement at Surry Power Station

Seaward Marine Services completed ongoing intake improvements to the Dominion Power Surry Power Station culminating in all eight intake structures to receive new stop-log seal plate assemblies.  For each intake structure over 18 mechanics and divers along with Dominion Power employees and supplemental staff in support participated in the removal of the old seal plate and trash-rack retaining channel.  The removal and replacement required 13 shifts totaling over 2800 man-hours to complete this process.

Seaward divers installed the new seal plate assembly by core drilling and installing approved inserts with underwater adhesive compound.  Divers then completed a foreign materials sweep by cleaning the trash racks and vacuuming away all debris from the intake structures.  With support of Seaward Marine personnel, Dominion employees then lowered the intake structure stop-logs into the new stop-log guides to ensure proper fit and a positive seal.

New seal plate assembly installation 

Diver checking fit of seal plate assembly 

Divers preparing to enter water start core drilling operations


Posted on: 28/Mar/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Goes Above Ground for Dive Operations

Seaward Marine Services was tasked to perform a general inspection, a Visual Inspection, a Video Inspection and an Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Survey, using DataScanSM, of an Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) at one of the country’s largest nuclear power facilities.  The weeklong project with mobilization from Seaward Marine’s Norfolk Virginia office included entry into the 300,000 gallon AST by divers dressed in total enclosure suits to ensure no contamination of the tanks cargo.  Because of tank depth, in excess of the no decompression limits, under Seaward Safe Diver Standards divers had to change out at regular intervals ensuring diver safety.

The first order of business was to vacuum sediments from the bottom of the liquid filled tank to ensure a thorough visual and video inspection of the tanks interior surfaces. Visual inspection revealed a faulty tank level indicator system which was promptly repaired and calibration procedures performed.

Next, divers installed a reference grid system within the tank in which to perform a very accurate ultrasonic thickness survey using DataScanSM. The ultrasonic thickness survey,  performed on a one foot by one foot grid pattern producing a nearly 100% probability of detection, collected over 530,000 individual thickness readings, several of which were below the thinning criteria established prior to the inspection.  The thickness data will be used to formulate repair or replacement estimates and on subsequent surveys to determine tank life cycle estimates.

The inspection and survey performed by American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) certified personnel and procedures came in under schedule and under budget allowing the tank and facility to continue with uninterrupted operational scheduling. A second tank, at the same facility is scheduled for survey during the plants next outage.

Seaward Marine’s DataScanSM Ultrasonic Measurement System provides a thorough analysis of the condition of metal in the region of the measurement, as opposed to single-point readings of metal thickness. Seaward’s development of an automated system that compensates for roughness so that all areas of the reading location can be quickly and accurately measured.


Posted on: 27/Mar/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Performs in Pacific Northwest Storm

Seaward Marine Services was tasked to perform an general inspection, a Visual Technical Inspection (VTI) and shaft to stave bearing measurements (STSR). The period of performance was February 3-17, 2014.  Seaward personnel arrived in Everett WA with clear skies and average temperatures for that area.  During the week, a Pacific Northwest storm arrived dropping day time temperatures to 19 degrees with heavy snow flurries and water temperatures dropped to 43 degrees.  Divers continued to perform their tasks under these conditions and during the initial inspection of the running gear, damage was found on a propeller and shaft.  The propeller damage was included in a VTI report and submitted to NSWCCD for review and repair recommendations. In accordance with a NAVSEA 00C directive and CNAP TYCOM direction, the bare metal on the shaft was tasked for repair utilizing Hycote 151. All damage was repaired and documented in accordance with NAVSEA 00C contract requirements and all work completed on time allowing the ship to resume their operational schedule.

Everett Crew, Mobilized from Seaward San Diego

Bare Metal found on Shaft

Surface Preparation for coating

Hycote 151 Application

Blade Damage found

Cover Plate Missing

Posted on: 26/Feb/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Cleans Greenpeace Vessel SY Rainbow Warrior

Seaward Marine Services was contracted with Greenpeace (Amsterdam) to perform a full hull cleaning of the SY RAINBOW WARRIOR in San Diego, December 27, 2013.  The Ship painted with ECOSPEED; an environmentally safe underwater ship hull coating system designed to be extremely durable and to conform to IMO’s convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems.  Seaward Marine’s pre-hull inspection indicated that marine growth was 50% with heavy oysters and hard growth.  Seaward Marine utilized the SCAMP multi-brush hull cleaning machine with a modified brush to remove the marine growth.  The paint scheme held up well to the cleaning effort.  The Ship reported that speed and performance were realized as a direct result of the cleaning.

Seaward’s D/V JACQUELINE alongside Greenpeace vessel 

Pre-cleaning of Sea-Chest

Post-Cleaning of Sea-Chest

Posted on: 07/Jan/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Honors Employees With Exceptional Service

Seaward would like to thank the following members for their service:

Joey Walters, Noel McCully, and Stephen Spruill for thirty years of service.  Thomas Wright, Christina Woodrum, and Janice Arakawa for twenty years of service.  David Samuelson for 16,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  Stanley Wujek and Michael Charles for 12,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  William Greenwood Sr for 8,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  Eric Stephenson for 4,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  Thank you for your continuing service to our company and to our customers.

Stephen Spruill - 30 Years

Christina Woodrum - 20 Years

Stan Wujek - 12,000 Hours Dive Time

Tom Wright - 20 Years

David Samuelson - 16,000 Hours Dive Time

Mike Charles - 12,000 Hours Dive Time

Eric Stephenson - 4,000 Hours Dive Time

Posted on: 14/Dec/2013

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Rolls Out New Dive Platforms

Seaward Marine Services has completed its third and newest dive platform for 2013.  These dive platforms are fully integrated units utilized by Seaward for all underwater services and can support up to four divers along with supporting equipment;  a 2.5 ton crane, three 10 gpm hydraulic power packs, one SCAMP multi-brush cleaning platform, up-to two 2500 psi waterblasters, one 10,000 psi hydroblaster, underwater cameras with CCTV, and other diver hand held equipment.

All of Seaward's dive platforms have water heaters for cold weather diving and redundant air systems and communication systems for safety.

Seaward San Diego completed the Mobile 1 and 2 dive platforms the summer of 2013 and Norfolk completed the Mobile 4 platform in November. 

East Coast

West Coast

Posted on: 27/Nov/2013

Cecil C. Achord

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