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Underwater Inspections

Seaward’s waterborne inspections are a reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective means for monitoring the condition of the ship’s hull and coating systems. We meet classification and insurance requirements, assess damage, ensure the readiness of the underwater hull and propulsion system and obtain pre-overhaul planning information. Seaward utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to gather information on the ship below the waterline
  • EXPERIENCE:  Seaward has performed either as part of an Interim/Full Clean or separately, more than 24,000 visual inspections with documentation of findings.*

Diver Visual Inspection
Divers are in direct verbal communication with the topside supervisor and the customer. Each Seaward diver is trained to report on hull conditions such as paint blistering and peeling, corrosion, fouling and structural damage.

Digital Clear Water Photography
Digital clear water photography is a system developed by Seaward to take sharp, wide angle, full color photos, even in zero visibility water.

Closed Circuit Video and Recording
Closed circuit video and recording makes it possible for the operator and client to talk to the diver and personally direct the inspection in full color, while recording both audio and video portions for documentation. In addition, Seaward utilizes numerous Non-Destructive Testing techniques to complement its visual and photo-documentation.
Lamp Ray® ROV Inspection
Portable underwater robotic hull scanner integrated with a topside data acquisition system and controller. - Click here to go to Lamp Ray® Section for more information

*Experience data above includes only work done domestically in the East and West Coast United States and Hawaii.


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