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Underwater Non-Destructive Testing

By bringing experienced people, specialized tools and non-destructive technology to bear on inspection and diagnostics, Seaward provides reliable information to the decision maker.

With our sophisticated techniques, Seaward can detect and define the extent of corrosion, and superficial and structural damage in inaccessible areas. All techniques are non-destructive; all information is fully documented.

Seawards creative ability to develop and use high-tech equipment and techniques has also been applied outside the shipping industry. Applications include stationary boilers, chemical process piping, and offshore structures above and below the water
Ultrasonic Testing with DataScansm
Our DataScansm Ultrasonic Testing system allows for the measurement of
  • Underwater Hull Thickness
  • Pipe Wall Thickness
  • Boiler Tube Testing
  • Sheet Piling thickness
  • Heavily Pitted Material
  • Structural Steel
  • Offshore Structures

Crack Detection and Definition
Eddy current can be used underwater to quickly determine the presence of a defect without cleaning the hull surface to bare metal. When a crack is detected, the surface is then cleaned to bare metal and underwater magnetic particle is used to define the crack in full color contrast to the surrounding metal.

Cathodic Protection
Cathodic Protection system effectiveness is quickly measured with a high impedance voltmeter grounded to the hull and connected to a diver-transported silver-sliver chloride half cell electrode. If hull potential is out of specification, the cathodic protection system, whether active of passive, is not adequately protecting the hull.

Hull and Propeller Roughness and Paint Thickness
Hull and Propeller Roughness and Paint Thickness measurement helps engineers assess the efficiency of the hull and propeller, make coating system recommendations and make post-repair QA determinations

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