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Power Plant Maintenance Assistance

Cleaning and inspection of intake structures, gates, and trash racks, without dewatering, are unique ways Seaward provides cost-effective maintenance assistance to the utility industry. This includes underwater cleaning and removal of all forms of biofouling (including zebra mussels, quagga mussels, and Asiatic clams; hydrilla, grasses, hydroids; and calcareous growth).    

When cleaning a cavity or pipe underwater, it is not required to be treated as a confined space, and hydrogen sulfide buildup to potentially explosive or lethal concentrations is avoided. Stoplogs do not have to be installed, thereby providing for cleaning and inspection of the complete underwater area. The use of efficient multibrush cleaning machines (compared to hand scrapers and water blasters) ensures timely accomplishment of the entire task over the weekend, or during a short power reduction schedule.

Intake Structure Cleaning Example:


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