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Seaward Marine Services Mobilizes Dive Crew to Washington Navy Yard to Inspect Display Ship BARRY

Posted July 8, 2014
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward Marine Services mobilized a dive crew to Washington Navy Yard at the direction of NAVSEA Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV), start hull cleaning and inspections on the Display Ship BARRY DDG-933.  Seaward Marine’s divers started hull cleaning using the SCAMP multi-brush machine on Tuesday July 8th and completed all hull cleaning and visual inspections on July 10th.  Seaward Marine Services NDT division mobilized on July 9th and started underwater hull thickness, hull potential, and paint thickness readings on July 11th 2014 using the Lamp Ray platform, a ROV used to record and track this data.

The LampRay platform uses a high precision acoustic tracing system that allows real time data display and location.  The final report is delivered in a HTML format that can be easily navigated through color coded data presentation for rapid decision making.

The SCAMP multi-brush platform can clean an area approximately 5.5 ft. at 30 ft. per minute. The Display Ship Barry a Forrest-Sherman Class destroyer is 419 ft. long with a beam of 45 ft. took approximately 5.5 hours to clean the flat hull surfaces.

All cleaning and inspections were completed using the requirements that include UWSHM chapter 28, chapter 17, and Navy technical manual Chapter 081 as required by SUPSALV. 

Click here to view SUPSALV's writeup on this job.

Lamp Ray setup next to DS Barry

Lamp Ray Vehicle

Launching the Lamp Ray

Seaward Mobile Two working alongside DS Barry

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