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Seaward Marine Services Completes a First on the First

Posted June 29, 2020
Written by Cecil C. Achord
On June 1st 2020, Seaward Mob 2 and the LampRay crew mobilized to the Submarine Force Museum in Groton CT to perform a Seaward first; a LampRay hull survey on a US Navy submarine, the Nautilus.  The Lampray crew modified and adapted the proven surface ship hull survey system to perform a comprehensive hull survey on the Historic submarine. The Nautilus (SSN-571) was the world’s first nuclear powered submarine and served for the US Navy until 1980. Seaward has been providing hull cleanings and inspections for many years, however this year was a first. Seaward Lampray was able to reconfigure its acoustic tracking system for deployment on the submarine. A comprehensive hull survey was then completed involving metal thickness, coating thickness and electro potential hull voltage, that will be presented to the vessel engineers who can then more efficiently plan their upcoming drydocking. Mob 2, in addition to a full cleaning, performed a diver handheld UT thickness inspection on areas the ROV could not effectively scan. All tasks were completed safely and on schedule and allowed the crews to transit back home to Virginia.

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